UOL Physics Forum

UOL Physics Forum aspires to provide the best scientific methods in teaching the basic principles of physics, both theoretical and experimental, and puts most of time to keep the level of education, scientific research and community service.


The main objectives of the Physics Forum society include continuous improvement of the quality of scientific research, the development of innovative curricula and techniques based on research and the latest scientific discoveries, greater international visibility and recognition of the Department, as well as the increasing impact on the development of the economy and society as a whole and Configure a basics of physics curriculum and smooth study plan.


Our goal is to provide a plate forum where Students gathering place for brilliant minds, who all share a common goal: exploring our physical world. To me, this new social network has been the greatest possible gift


UOL Physics Forum Mission is to achieves its mission by trying to evenly represent the underlying sub- disciplines of physics in research and teaching, but also to promote new areas of research, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary and applied research.

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