Dead Arts Society

Promote Arts & Literature


The main aim of DAS is to resurrect the dead and declined art and literature through various activities.   It will educate and motivate the students to re -live and revive the art and culture of the past which has   lost its grandeur in the present. DAS would be able to achieve its objectives by combined effort of   faculty and the students who will work as a single team for the promotion of dead art and culture.


The goal of DAS is to set a trend to evoke true passion and love in the hearts of students regarding art and literature. It will promote multi languages by translating books in various regional languages of Pakistan. AS wants to attain such a status that it would proudly be able to represent The University of Lahore at other platforms.


The mission of DAS is to do something productive in order to revive the dead art and to acknowledge the work done by our predecessors in the field of art and literature which are not being highlighted now. DAS will provide equal opportunities to its members without any discrimination because its  foremost aim is to promote art and literature

Club Member

Sitara Asghar


Saad Ali