1.1 Membership

Website and social network of university will have the capability of registering student as a member of clubs & societies. Once students get registered he/she will be informed about upcoming events and future activities of individual clubs and societies.

1.1.1 Procedure

Initially we will start free membership for every student to engage themselves in clubs and societies. Simply they can register themselves by filling membership forms and they will be a member of particular club and society.

1.1.2 Criteria

No criteria are finalized for the selection of members in any clubs and societies. Convener will be selected by the coordinator student council of particular club and society, and then convener will select the talented and interested candidates in their clubs and societies. Convener will inform the coordinator student council representative about the current activities, current members and future events. Convener will provide the calendar year of club and society for the approval of future events.

1.2 Event News

Complete information will be provided to every student about upcoming event and How to participate in the event. This will surely help them to engage in these activities as much as they can.

Information will be provided about the events which will be held in university, so that maximum student can participate. And other events outside the university will also be highlighted.

1.3 Delivery Mechanism

To ensure maximum exposure and participation by students, clubs and societies will extensively use university website and social networking platform.

1.3.1 University Website

To ensure maximum coverage and ability for clubs and societies to connect seamlessly we will provide complete information in university website about individual clubs and societies, what will be their roles and upcoming events.

1.3.2 Social Networking

University website is not enough to deliver complete information about clubs and societies, so we will employ multiple social networking platforms. At the moment we have already prepared the following:

1.3.3 Publication

Publication is one of the classical ways to circulate the information among the student body. Students can also be updated through posters and brochures with the upcoming events and activities of different clubs and societies. Those students who will not in touch with university website and social networking, they will know about the upcoming event and activities via posters and brochures.