The Student Representative Office (SRO) Policy aims to provide a systematic and standardized approach to matters dealing with Student Clubs & Societies and student’s activities and events at University of Lahore. The objectives are:

  • Standardization of systems and processes with regards to Clubs & Societies Events and Activities
  • Standardization of all Clubs & Societies Events and Activities policies within University of Lahore
  • To ensure the smooth running of Clubs & Societies Events and Activities
  • To establish a document for reference to resolve issues / conflicts

Clubs and Societies play a vital role in campus life, allowing people with similar interests to get together, and giving you the chance to enjoy a life outside of academia. Clubs and Societies are the essential requirement of any university to engage their students in positive extra-curricular activities. These activities will enhance their practical skills.

Previously no hierarchy for any particular club and society was defined. No higher authorities of university was directly involved with any clubs and societies except UAC. Students of different departments leading the clubs and societies without any permission, along with this they were participated in other university events without any official approvals. No budget was announced to entertain them; they were arranging finance by themselves.