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Clubs & Socities

Techno Club

To create awareness in student regarding updated technology

ULahore Pyaam Society

To create awareness in student to understand Human Value

UOL Electronic Society

To create awareness regarding electronic Engineering

Young Peace & Development Crops

To create awareness Among young generation

Young Peace & Development Crops

To create awareness Among young generation

Focus UOL Chapter

To Train Basic Life Support

Focus UOL Chapter

To Train Basic Life Support

Society of International Affairs

To understand International Affairs

Society of Mathematics & Statistics

The mission of the mathematics department is to provide an environment where students can learn and become competent users of mathematics and mathematical appli...

Baluchistan Initiative Society

To create awareness between student regarding Baluchistan


Our objective is to attain gender-equality in a democratic Palestinian society, to which end we focus our efforts on promoting the social, educational, economic...


A world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation.

Society of Photography

We will find Few artists know how to capture the diversity and dignity of indigenous people

Society of LAW

The Law Society is here to support you through your studies socially and professionally.

Society of Emerging Sciences

The phenomena of religion, spirituality, and mystical or transcendental experience have long been shrouded in mystery

UOL Sports Club

The main objective of the Society is to establish and maintain the sports activities within the university and provide a platform where students can learn diffe...

UOL Islamic society

To present positive image of Islam and tackle the common misconception of Islam. To educate students with the knowledge of Quran and let students, learn Islam w...

UOL ASME Chapter

To Organize activities that helpguide engineering students advanced study and career long continuing engineering education.Be a resource to the department and t...

LB-IETS Society

Target LBS youth to work in right direction.To channelize LBS youth for talent hunt .Providing a way for competency to LBS students.

UOL IEEE Student branch

UOL-IEEE aims to come up with various events and sessions throughout the year that will promote the atmosphere of learning for its members and gives them the ch...

Literary Society of UOL

To promote the sense of knowledge of English, Urdu and Punjabi literature through different performance and article writing

Entrepreneurial Society of UOL

We want students to get to their own business instead of seeking for job. And to develop a culture to promote entrepreneurial culture in Univeristy

Society of Legal Researchers

To promote research culture.To highlight social and other issues in different perspective.To enhance Leadership,management and organizing capabilities.To presen...

UOL Robo Club

Our society believes that single department cannot compete and excel with other universities like NUST, GIKI, CASE and UET until brains of all the technological...

Society of Computer Science

To promote research oriented activities and guiding and training students to raise their level according to market standards and giving them opportunities to le...

Society of Civil engineering

Lectures by different executives of different organization. Seminars,Exhibitions,Study tours, Annual magazine, Presentation between different Civil Engineering ...

Music Society UOL

The primary objective of the society is to promote the cultural music in form of ghazals to make special efforts for promoting poetry in general and ghazal in p...

UOL Chess Society

The main objective of the university Chess society is to establish and maintain the chess activities within the university and provide a platform where student...

Society Of Allied Health Sciences

Opportunity for students to perform and present their hidden talents, skills or arts on the university platform. to engage students in constructive activities. ...

Student Representative Office

In order to give this all structured approach, we propose making “Club and Societies” a brand. We already have made the social networking of clubs and societies...

Electrical and Control Engineering Society

To encourage Students to develop their own electronic hardware and projects. To enable students to develop Projects that could be presented in the nationwide ex...

Society of Mechanical Engineering

To develop the society of engineering for students to participate in national and international competition

UOL Media Society

Our main objective is to provide the students a platform to channel their talents. The students will be able to participate in events both held by the universit...

Visual Arts Society

Society conducts a rigorous investigation into the nature and meaning of photographic representation and its role in contemporary culture. Students will expect ...

Imperial Pharmaceutical Society

To enhance the pharmaceutical activities in university, provide the proper guideline to students of pharmacy department, trained the pharmacist for their effect...

UOL Adventure Club

The objective of this Club is to provide opportunities to explore the countryside and mountains. The club will organize a wide range of exciting outdoor activit...

Health Care Society

“Provide ethical and professional health care to individuals of university, poor families and calamity hit community. Adopt critical thinking in clinical and re...

Environmental Society (S.A.F.E. )

Create awareness among the masses about environmental issues. Arrange different activities, spread information among masses and suggest possible remedial action...

Network Gaming Society

UOL Network Gaming Society has a vision to provide platofrm to all the students to create a gaming circle form teams, pratice, prepare in order to compete with ...

Arts and Cultural Society

Provide various opportunities to new students to groom and polish themselves to meet the need of their respective department where they have to start their pro...

UOL Dramatics Club

The proposed objectives of the UoL Dramatics Club shall be; [1] To provide a platform for positive and healthy extra-curricular activities, [2] To enable the st...

UOL Debating Society

Stimulating students’ critical thinking Developing research, analytical and creative abilities Organizing, Managing and participating in various events. Organi...

About Us

Based on an overwhelming student demand The University of Lahore is pleased to announce the incubation of a Student Representative Office (SRO) to coordinate all of the extra-curricular activities.


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