All Pakistan Fifa, Tekken, Blur 2k17

In this event participants will participate from all over Pakistan. It will be a great opportunity to represent University of Lahore.

Taken Tag2

UOL Network Gaming Society Conducted Taken Tag2


An E-Gaming marathon named Uber Game-X which will be held at GIKI. Also including Hacktrin Networking workshops.


No Mercy # Competition Organized by Network Gaming Society

No Mercy-2

the event is to be held on 03.12.13 and 04.12.13. This event will include the following games.
[1] Counter Strike 1.6
[2] Call of Duty 4
[3] DOTA
[4] Tekken Tag 2
[5] FIFA 12
[6] Need for Speed MW

Corvit systems seminar

IT department with Corvit, organized a seminar about Corvit systems.

UoL Network Gaming Society,e-gaming competition

University of Lahore, Network Gaming Society, under the banner of Student Representative Office (SRO) is holding an online gaming competition for the students of UOL, This event is initiated by our student Mr. Muneeb Arfan, who is the convener of the UoL Network Gaming Society, and SRO office has catered for all the arrangements required in this particular event. This gaming is scheduled to be on 16th April 2013, at new campus (UoL), I.T lab, 2nd floor cafeteria.from 08.00am till 07.00pm